Top 5 Free Data Recovery Programs

Top 5 free data recovery programs


Files can get lost from a computer or any other device due to different reasons which could either be accidental deletion, virus attacks or operating system error. There are professionals who know how to retrieve these files, but it is also possible for you do it by yourself with a powerful data recovery program. The following are some of the top 5 free data recovery programs.


  1. Recuva


Recuva is a data recovery program that has been widely used. It has both a wizard mode and manual mode for data restoration. With the wizard mode, you can be able to customize your search type and thus be able to locate files anywhere on your computer. You can also be shown details of the files that are recoverable and those that are unrecoverable. Recuva comes with a handy version that can be installed on external hard drives or USB drives.


  1. Puran


Puran is a very essential data recovery tool when it comes to retrieving work documents, pictures, videos or music from external storage devices and local drives on the computer. The three methods offered for scanning include quick scan, deep scan and full scan. You are also allowed to customize the scanning in whichever way you want hence be able to recover your lost data easily.

  1. Wise Data Recovery


This data recovery program may too tiny but it is very fast when it comes to finding deleted pictures, videos and audios with just a few simple runs on Windows PC and it has a clean menu that can help you to recover the exact kind of file that you are looking for. It not only rates the recover ability of the found files into statuses such as “good”, “poor”, “very poor” or “lost” but also shows the last time that the lost data was modified.


  1. Undelete 360


This data recovery program is suitable for all versions of windows and windows file systems. It is customized to help you find the file easily irrespective of what caused it to get lost. If you want to know whether there are any damages to the file. You can check the status bar to see it. The scanning speed is so fast that you will be done within a matter of a few minutes.

  1. Pandora recovery


Pandora recovery works best in recovering lost files from NTFS and FAT-formatted volumes. It is used to recover pictures, videos, audio files and documents. This data recovery program offers scanning options which include “browse scan” and “surface scan” and it also has a wizard mode with instructions. It can recover various types of files, whether they are archived, compressed, encrypted or hidden.




Free data recovery programs are efficient and reliable and can recover files normally. Their success rate is always high, but if they fail to recover a file then maybe it could be as a result of a much bigger problem that needs professional help.

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